DANGER!MAN @ Rebel Days Festival in Stockholm (SWE)

DANGER!MAN @ Rebel Days Festival in Stockholm (SWE)

30/04/2018 Högdalen, Stockholm, SWE Cancelled


Venue : Cyklopen
Address : Magelungsvägen 170
Zip : 12459

We have sadly realized that we have to cancel this festival because of our drummers elbow-injoury. We are very sorry about this. The festival is going to be a total banger!!! … and we hope to be able to play there next year or when our drummer has recovered, and the band is up and running again.

Here’s some more info on the festival:

After the success of the Rebel Days 08 – 2017, Rebel Days 08 will be back in 2018 – and it’s on for 3 days! We have a kickin’ linup!!!

  • Angelic Upstarts (England) – One of the most famous punk rock bands, who has been playing since 1977. What else is there to say?
  • Hors Controle (France) – Antifascist Oi! first time in Sweden!
  • Reazione (Italy) – Ska-inspired Oi! from Rimini
  • State Alerta (Basque Country) – Street punk. Coming back to Rebel Days for another amazing gig.
  • Curb Stomp (Germany) – Antifascist Oi! from Dortmund, coming over to Germanize the scene.
  • Spökstan (Sweden) – Punky-Reggae from the capital. 
  • The Civillains (Sweden) – East bay-inspired street punk.
  • Där SkåPet SkA stÅ (Sweden) – Punk from Gävle 
  • Last climb (Sweden) Ultra crust – first gig in Stockholm
  • Dødsdømt (Norway) HC/Punk from Horten 
  • Riots (Norway) – Punk from Norge
  • Suggorna (Sweden) Punk, previously known as Gråsuggorna

Pre purchase tickets are avaiable from 450SEK.

Just like previous Rebel Days 08, the purpose is that all money raised will go to the support of political prisoners.

More info TBA!