DANGER!MAN + Raw Power + more @ Network of friends festival in Marl (Germany)

Network of friends festival - 2020

DANGER!MAN + Raw Power(it) +Scheisse Minelli + Flag Jerks + more

11/09/2020 Marl, GER


Venue : Network Of Friends Festival
Address : Jugend- und Kulturzentrum Hagenbusch, Rappaportstraße 12
Contact Website : http://www.networkoffriends.top-notch.org/

We’ve been invited to play at the next Network of friends party in Marl in Germany. Stoked! Can’t wait.
Bands booked so far:

Raw Power (Italy)
Scheisse Minelli (Germany)
Flag Jerks (Germany)
Seein’ Red (Holland)
Extrem (Austria)
Attentat Sonore (France)
Rollsportgruppe (Germany)
Kent Nilsen (Germany)