DANGER!MAN / The Bone Idles – KAOS Conspiracy – Split LP/CD

Band : DANGER!MAN, The Bone Idles
Title : KAOS Conspiracy
Release Date : 31. October 2012
Label :

KAOS Conspiracy Split-LP/CD with Karlsruhes finest… The Bone Idles.
Exiled Norwegian Gunnar Nuven (ex Svart Framtid, Kafka Prosess, So Much Hate) is now singing in the Karlsruhe-based hardcore band The Bone Idles. The Karlsruhe/Oslo connection (KAOS) has always been strong, and we had a lot of fun teaming up with Gunnars new band for a split LP and a short tour in 2012.
The record was also available as a wooden box (100 copies) with a free 7″ with both bands doing covers of Svart Framtid, Beastie Boys, The New Pornographers and Yazoo. The four tracks from the 7″ are also available as bonus-tracks on the CD.

DANGER!MAN’s tracks:

  1. Nothing to defend
  2. Jerking off can make you blind
  3. Sleeper
  4. More of the same
  5. Vultures

DANGER!MAN’s bonus-tracks on 7″ and CD:

  1. Nobody’s diary (Yazoo)
  2. A letter from an occupant (The new pornographers)

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