DANGER!MAN / Lucky Malice – Handicap – Split LP + free CD

Band : DANGER!MAN, Lucky Malice
Title : Handicap
Release Date : 13. March 2016
Label : , ,

Handicap Split-LP/CD with Haldens finest, our family and good friends… Lucky Malice.
In 2015 DANGER!MAN and Lucky Malice did a brilliant tour of Germany together. We had such a great time that we decided we had to do a split-LP together. Finally… almost a year later, here’s the result 😀
The DANGER!MAN songs are recorded in Endless Tinnitus Studio (Oslo), and the Lucky Malice tracks are recorded at Musigrama Studio (Madrid).

The Handicap LP is available on grey vinyl, with a free CD included.

To celebrate this release, we’re heading out on a new tour together around Easter 2016… this time to Spain 🙂
See our tourdates page for more info:

DANGER!MAN’s tracks:

  1. Crash and burn
  2. Our path is paved with good intentions
  3. Exposure
  4. Never black never white
  5. Side by side (Lucky Malice cover)

Lucky Malice’s tracks:

  1. Ingen forskjell
  2. Fryktløs
  3. Handicap
  4. Exposure (DANGER!MAN cover)
  5. Side by side