DANGER!MAN have been forced to take a break…

As you might have noticed, there has been little or no activity with DANGER!MAN since september last year. Our drummer has injoured his elbow, and has not able to play drums since our gig at Common Ground in Bristol last year. We finally started practicing again last week, hoping that he’d had time enough to make a full recovery… but sadly his arm got a lot worse again right away, and we’re now back to square one.

Because of this we’ve now been forced to cancel all planned gigs, and won’t be booking any more until we know for sure that we have the band up and running again. This could take some time. However… WE WILL NOT GIVE UP! We’re all in this together, and we will see this one through!

So I hope you’ll all have patience with us… and we’ll do our best to write songs for a new album during these truly fucked up times!
The last two years before we had to take a break have been just amazing. We’ve been more active than ever, playing in lots of new places and made so many new good friends. It’s been truly inspiring, and has given us countless reasons to not give up!

Appologies to the promotors who have had to deal with our cancellations this week. We are truely very sorry!!

A good friend has left us

Our good and long-time friend, Dickie Hammond (Leatherface/HDQ etc…) sadly passed away last weekend. He had been sick over the past year, but it’s still a tragedy when a friend leavs us way too early.
If anyone has a little money to spare, any donations to help his mum give him a dignified funeral, will be highly appreciated.
Fund-raising for his funeral
Thanks so much for your music, our friendship, your good mood and inspiration,.. and everything Dickie. You may be gone, but your music and your memory lives on!