DANGER!MAN is a Punk/Hardcore – band from Oslo, Norway.

DANGER!MAN started in 2009, but all members have a long history of playing with norwegian bands in the 80’s and 90’s. (So Much Hate, Life… But How To Live It?, Bannlyst, Barn Av Regnbuen, Drunk, 2:20, Bøyen Beng,… etc etc)

DANGER!MAN’s music finds their roots in 80’s hardcore, but they also take good care of the early punkrock heritage. Whenever DANGER!MAN play live, it’s bottoms up, full speed ahead, and it ends up in a great party for everyone 😀

DANGER!MAN have released 3 albums so far.

  • “The Blame Game” – 2010 (Sjakkmatt Plater / Boss Tuneage) available on CD. LP is sold out.
  • “Kaos Conspiracy” – 2012 (Sjakkmatt Plater / Rookie Records) available on CD. LP is sold out. This is a split LP with The Bone Idles from Karlsruhe, Germany.
  • “Handicap” – 2016 (Sjakkmatt Plater / Boss Tuneage / Tonehjulet Kräftpest) available on LP with free CD. This is a split LP with Lucky Malice from Halden, Norway.

All these records can be downloaded for free from from the releases and music sections on this page 🙂

DANGER!MAN is a live-band! Playing live is their reason to still play in bands after 30 years of punkrock!

DANGER!MAN enjoy their beer! If you’d like to have a beer with DANGER!MAN… Come down to the gig and do so!

DANGER!MAN have a page on FaceBook, if you’re into that 😉

Contact DANGER!MAN at contact [ @ ] dangerman.no

Just to make things clear…

Just to make things clear…

As some of you might have noticed, DANGER!MAN’s participation at a pro-Palestine concert in Oslo a couple of months ago has caused quite a bit of controversy with some of the concert-groups organizing gigs for us, in alternative youth-houses in Germany on our tour next October. These houses apparently support Israel, while similar places in Scandinavia normally support the people in Gaza/Palestine in the ongoing conflict. This is why the level of commotion our participatian caused, really has taken us by surprise. It’s been quite dissapointing and even shocking actually, and we have now realized we have to make a public statement on this before rumours take completely over.

First of all… We, as all members of DANGER!MAN, have all been anti-racist, anti-facist and NEVER anti-semitic our entire lives, in both words and action. Therefore being accused of going against any of these pillars of our beliefs is definitely taken as an insult. We are proud to have been part of the leftwing part of the punkrock-scene since the mid 80s.

We do NOT regret having played at a pro-Palestinian festival. It’s never been a secret that we have done so in the past,… and we will most likely also do so in the future. If your concertgroups can accept that we feel this way about these issues, and agree to disagree with us… we’d be happy to discuss these subjects in a friendly manner over a beer after our gig in your place. If you can not accept this, and find our views and beliefs too offensive, then that’s just too bad. We are who we are, and those who know us know where we stand.

A lot of the controversy has from what we’ve been told, been about a couple of pictures posted on the website/twitter of the Norwegian Commity for Palestine. There’s one picture of DANGER!MAN in front of a Palestinian flag, along side another picture collage, showing German soldiers in Norway during WW2 and Israeli soldiers (most likely in Gaza). The text on the image is in Norwegian, and can be translated into: «Norway was occupied for 5 years. Palestine has been occupied for 72 years». We have been told that Germans find it unacceptable to show German soldiers from WW2 alongside Israeli soldiers from recent times. We however do not find this image collage offensive, as this image was found on a Norwegian website, and not intended for Germany, where the interpretation might be a bit different. This is NOT an attempt to normalize and marginalize the holocaust in any way. Just a reminder to the people in Norway, telling them that even if it’s a long time since the occupation of Norway ended, a lot of other people are not that lucky.

The concert in question was arranged by people who have been our trusted friends for decades, and there was absolutely NO antisemittic or racist context to the happening. Idealism, hope and focus on human rights was the theme through the whole festival. Boycot of the European Song Contest was another. To us that’s not all that important, as we always boycot the European Song Contest every year anyway, no matter where it’s arranged… crap festival!

But jokes aside… we totally accept the state of Israel’s right to exist, but only within its original borders. At the same time we also accept the Palestinians’ right to their own national state. This does NOT mean that we uncritically accept and support every action of HAMAS. They also will have to be held responsivle for their actions. This is definitely not a situation that can be seen as black and white.

We’d also like to point out that we think disagreeing with, and criticizing the actions of the state of Israel as an occupying millitary power has absolutely NOTHING to do with being anti-semitic. Israel is a national state, and must be held responsible for its actions as such. Criticism of the national state of Israel’s actions is NOT criticism of jews (neither as people of jewish descent or as a religious group) in general, and has therefore nothing to do with anti-semitism.

If you’ve managed to read through all this, and still want to have us come and play at your house… we look forward to seeing you in september/october.


DANGER!MAN finally touring again

After a few really nice gigs in Oslo, we’ve finally decided to declare DANGER!MAN fit for touring again!!!

We’ll try to be careful, and only do a few weekends in the spring… but we’re happy to announce that in october 2019 we’ll be going on a two-week tour in Germany++ , together with our good friends from Karlsruhe, TERRORFETT. We’re just starting to book this now,.. so if you want to have us play in your town… please contact us… and we’ll do our best to make it happen. This tour will definitely be a BLAAST!!!

We’ll also be going to Sweden for a long weekend in april. So far we’ve booked:

Thursday april 11 –  Stockholm @ Kafe 44 (with Parasit + one local band)
Friday april 12 – Borlänge @ The Broken Dreams (with Viagra Boys, Asocial and Twin Pigs)
Saturday april 13 – TBA (still looking for a gig on this saturday,… so if you’re interested… don’t hesitate to contact us)

We’re also booked to play the PØBELROCK festival in Trondheim (may 16-18)
It’s always a mayhem of a festival.. and we’ll be playing the first night, on may 16th.
Bands booked so far are:


No more silence!

Finally the wait is over, and we’ve been able to start practicing with DANGER!MAN again. It’s been a very quiet year for us, but now things look way brighter.

We’ve started working on songs for a new album, and we’ll most likely be ready to start playing gigs again this winter. We cross our fingers! Thanks som much for your patience. We can’t wait to get back on the road playing gigs and meet our good friends from all over 😀

DANGER!MAN have been forced to take a break…

As you might have noticed, there has been little or no activity with DANGER!MAN since september last year. Our drummer has injoured his elbow, and has not able to play drums since our gig at Common Ground in Bristol last year. We finally started practicing again last week, hoping that he’d had time enough to make a full recovery… but sadly his arm got a lot worse again right away, and we’re now back to square one.

Because of this we’ve now been forced to cancel all planned gigs, and won’t be booking any more until we know for sure that we have the band up and running again. This could take some time. However… WE WILL NOT GIVE UP! We’re all in this together, and we will see this one through!

So I hope you’ll all have patience with us… and we’ll do our best to write songs for a new album during these truly fucked up times!
The last two years before we had to take a break have been just amazing. We’ve been more active than ever, playing in lots of new places and made so many new good friends. It’s been truly inspiring, and has given us countless reasons to not give up!

Appologies to the promotors who have had to deal with our cancellations this week. We are truely very sorry!!

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21/09/2019 DANGER!MAN + LUCKY MALICE Halden, NOR Siste Reis Siste Reis
27/09/2019 DANGER!MAN + TERRORFETT Frankfurt/Main, GER AU AU
28/09/2019 DANGER!MAN + TERRORFETT Düsseldorf, GER AK47 AK47
29/09/2019 DANGER!MAN + TERRORFETT Braunschweig, GER Nexus Nexus
30/09/2019 DANGER!MAN + TERRORFETT Berlin, GER Wild at Heart Wild at Heart
01/10/2019 DANGER!MAN + TERRORFETT Bielefeld, GER Potemkin Potemkin
02/10/2019 DANGER!MAN + TERRORFETT Bremen, GER Die Friese Die Friese
03/10/2019 DANGER!MAN + TERRORFETT Köln, GER Sonic Ballroom Sonic Ballroom
05/10/2019 DANGER!MAN + TERRORFETT Kiel, GER Schaubode Schaubode
07/10/2019 DANGER!MAN + TERRORFETT Prague/Praha, CZE Klub 007 Strahov Klub 007 Strahov
08/10/2019 DANGER!MAN + TERRORFETT Wien/Vienna, AUT Chelsea Chelsea
09/10/2019 DANGER!MAN + TERRORFETT Stuttgart, GER Schlampazius Schlampazius
11/10/2019 DANGER!MAN + TERRORFETT Karlsruhe, GER Alte Hackerei Alte Hackerei
12/10/2019 DANGER!MAN + TERRORFETT Basel, CHE Hirscheneck Hirscheneck
01/02/2020 DANGER!MAN + TARGET OF DEMAND +++ Southampton, ENG Joiners Joiners


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All DANGER!MAN releases are available as free mp3 downloads to anyone interested. We do not consider mp3 or other digital media products that anyone should have to pay for. We will encourage you to buy our releases on physical media instead 🙂

And by the way… feel free to share these files with anyone you like!